On Sunday, June 2nd, cancer survivors and supports will come together to celebrate life and raise awareness on National Cancer Survivors Day.

A few of our staff members have been touched in significant ways by cancer and this year we would like to honor them for their strength and determination in battling their cancer diagnoses. Click on their names below to read their full story.

Tina Trimbath, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Katelyn McClain, Breast Cancer
Linda Freidhoff, Breast Cancer

Teil UhringFor the month of June, we would like to introduce you to Teil Uhring, a Service Coordinator out of our Pittsburgh office serving Allegheny County through UPMC Community HealthChoices. Teil graduated from Clarion University with her B.S. in Rehabilitative Sciences, is currently working towards her M.S. in Clinical Counseling, and hopes to one day obtain a Ph. D. When she is not busy with work and school, Teil enjoys reading, cooking, and being outside as much as possible.

Teil has worked at AUCP for two years now and aside from helping people, she loves the team approach that we offer and the support system it offers to the staff. The most challenging part about being a service coordinator is remembering that they are not to fix problems for the participants, but rather provide the tools to do so. If she were not a service coordinator, Teil would like to work with at-risk adolescents or in a women’s shelter.

Teil is known as being diligent and great with critical cases. She is a fantastic trainer and peer to her colleagues. All of us agree that she is a valuable part of our AUCP family and are excited for all that her future has in store.

For our April Staff Highlight, we would like to introduce you to Jennifer Hauser, a Service Coordinator covering our UMPC Community HealthChoices (CHC) participants in the Somerset County area. Jen is from Hollsopple, PA and attended Clarion University for Rehabilitative Services with a concentration in Gerontology.

Each day, Jen goes home to her three children; Savannah (8 years old) her “emotional perfectionist,” Nevada (6 years old) her “ornery instigator,” and Harrison (3 years old) her “little curious adventurer,” and her loving husband, Josh. During her free time, Jen enjoys playing sports, sitting down with a good book, and playing the piano. Her most important goal in life is to raise good, loving, and successful children who love God.

Jen has been a Service Coordinator at AUCP for a little over three years. She says if she did not work here she would like to be a nurse. Jen enjoys working with her team of coworkers stating that each of them has the other’s best interest at heart. The most challenging part of her position is prioritizing the participants’ needs when they are in vulnerable positions.

Jen is a blessing to AUCP; she is known for her compassion and diligence by her participants. Her colleagues boast of her impressive memory and helpfulness. Jen, we are thankful to have you as part of our AUCP team!