With the holidays upon us and the spirit of giving in the air, AUCP wanted to do something a little different this year. Instead of hosting a fundraiser for Giving Tuesday, the International Day of Giving, we are encouraging staff to “pick their passion” and go out into their communities to give their time. So, throughout the entire month of November we are giving our staff paid time off to volunteer at any charity of their choice.

We are excited to see what our staff members are passionate about in hopes to align with the ways they love to serve. Throughout the month we will be sharing stories and pictures of our staff serving. To stay up-to-date be sure to follow us on social media by searching #PickYourPassionAUCP.


Johnstown Food Distribution Volunteers

We'll be the first to tell you... we LOVE our employees. Volunteering is not only important to us, but we also have very compassionate employees that love to volunteer. On April 14th, we had 3 staff members volunteer at the Food Distribution…

Covid-19 Vaccine Clinic Volunteers

In March, AUCP staff were given a few opportunities to volunteer at Covid-19 Vaccine Clinics in the southwestern part of the state. We were able to send 7 staff to 3 different locations where vaccines were being given. Staff member, Samantha…

Serving Our Community

Here at AUCP we are passionate about making an impact on our community in big ways and in small. So, when an opportunity arises we are  honored to be able to volunteer to support our community in any way we can.In May and June, staff…