The show this year is a musical mystery dinner and holiday spinoff of the classic Casablanca titled… Clausablanca!
In a small cabaret in German-occupied France right before Christmas, someone will end up murdered.  Who did it?  Could it be the French cabaret owner?  The torch-singing femme fatale?  The standup comic?  The overworked girl Friday?  One man dares to crack the case.  That man is Nick Fearlessness.  Nick doesn’t know the meaning of the word, “fear”.  He doesn’t know the meaning of the word, “quit”.  Nor does he know the meaning of hundreds of other commonly used words.  But in a time when the world needs heroes, he may just be the only hope we have. 
We are super excited about our 3rd annual Murder Mystery – Look for details in the near future!
Let me ask you this… Can you figure out who dunnit???




As we move forward with our “new normal” of COVID-19, the MCO’s and the Department of Human Services have indicated that it is safe to resume visits with precautions in place.
The precautions are as follows:

  • Visits have been scaled down to only the required visits, including:
    • Triggers
    • Intakes
    • Reassessments
    • Changes to an individual’s plan
  • The majority of paperwork can be completed from the office, so visits can be shortened.
  • Participants have the choice of face-to-face or telephonic visits at this time.
  • All parties must wear a mask during visits, wash hands or use sanitizer before and after the visit, and social distance as much as possible.
  • Visits can be completed outside when possible.

As an agency, we want to ensure our staff and participants are as safe as possible and following CDC guidelines. All of our staff have been given PPE supplies including masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and extra pens to leave with the participant. The agency or MCO will assist as more are needed.

Should you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to reach out to your Service Coordinator or by calling the main office at 1-844-819-4455 to speak to a Programs Manager. For state updates regarding COVID-19, go to