Community Health Choices


Community HealthChoices (CHC) coordinates your health care coverage to improve the quality of your health care experience — every participant has the opportunity to choose one of three Managed Care Organizations (MCO) including:

Each MCO uses a group of doctors, hospitals, clinics, and other health care providers to meet your health care needs.

Change can be frightening, especially when it comes to your health. We can offer you the assurance that you are under great care when you are with AUCP.

Deciding which Managed Care Organization (MCO) will be the right fit for you is your next step, here is some insight from our supervisors:

“What makes PA Health and Wellness stand out is their Medicare program, Allwell. This is for dual eligible participants and offers comprehensive health care and prescription coverage.”

– Gwen Msolomba, PA Health and Wellness Supervisor

“AmeriHealth Caritas is dedicated to assisting their participants on getting care, staying well and building healthy communities with the focus on person centered planning when accessing services for each participant.”

– Linda Freidhoff, AmeriHealth Supervisor

“UPMC offers comprehensive services and supports available to participants. They also have value-added benefits, such as smart phones and smoking cessation programs… ”

– Jessica Pulliam Petrunak, UPMC Supervisor

CHC rolled out in the Philadelphia region this January and will be rolling out in the rest of the state January 2020. For more information call 1-833-735-4416 or visit