Pick Your Passion AUCP – Johnstown Family Kitchen

Last Friday, Bri and Hollie volunteered at the Johnstown Soup Kitchen – SVDP in downtown Johnstown. We love partnering with other nonprofits that serve in our communities. In some cases we even serve the same individuals! Thanks for serving, Bri and Hollie!


Pick Your Passion AUCP – Compassion House

As a part of #PickYourPassionAUCP, Tom and Jocelyn volunteered at Compassion House in Windber on Monday of this week. Both of them really enjoyed being able to serve the community and interact with the staff, other volunteers, and customers throughout the day. Thanks for serving with us!

Pick Your Passion AUCP – Produce to People

The month of giving has begun and Gwen was our first staff member to volunteer. She partnered with some people from her church to serve with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank distributing produce to the Johnstown community through Produce to People. See what she has to say about it on the picture above!

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If you’d like to learn more about the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, visit their website.

Pick Your Passion AUCP

Stay tuned!

Community Fund Success Story

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A few months ago we received a Community Fund application for one of our participants, Joyce Wilbur. Due to Joyce’s lymphedema and knee surgeries, she was having problems with swelling in her legs and was in need of a certain type of compression stockings. Unfortunately, her insurance was unable to pay for them and after reaching out to other community resources, she was still left without the stockings that she needed. That’s when her AUCP AmeriHealth service coordinator submitted an application on her behalf.

Upon reviewing Joyce’s unique situation and seeing that these compression socks were something that she needed for her health and safety, AUCP was able to provide a grant through their Community Fund to pay for the compression stockings. After receiving the stockings, Joyce was very pleased and so grateful. Compression stockings, although a seemingly small need, make a huge difference in her everyday life. She says that they have helped with the swelling of her legs and she is able to walk more with them on. This is great news for Joyce and now she is able to focus more on her everyday needs and health with her coordinator.


If you would like to learn more about AUCP’s Community Fund or would like to review the application process, click here.

July Blood Drive Update


There is an emergency need for blood across the United States with someone new needing blood every 2 seconds. So, on Monday, July 8th we held a Red Cross Blood Drive in the Community Room at our Johnstown location.

Throughout the day, we had 14 donors, both staff and community members, stop by to make their blood donation. We also had 9 volunteers that gave a few hours out of their day to ensure that the day went smoothly. By the end of the day we had 9 successful blood donations. This means up to 27 peoples lives were impacted! A big “Thank You!” goes out to each person that came out to the drive, we could not have done it without you.

If you couldn’t make it out to the blood drive, you have until September 2nd to be part of our drive. Schedule a donation today at your local Red Cross. While you’re at it, snap a selfie and tag us on all of your social media platforms with #iBleedforAUCP!

Highmark Walk – Week 14 Update


It is officially the week of the Highmark Walk 2019 and we are blown away by all of the donations we have been receiving! We can not wait for Saturday to be able to walk with all of our teammates for a healthier community!

Currently, we have:

  • 8 teams
  • 58 walkers
  • $4,932 raised (98% towards our goal!)

We are really looking forward to all the fun that this year brings, but we can’t do it without you!
Would you consider walking with us?

  1. Register as a walker, virtually or in person
  2. Join us, on Saturday, May 18th at the Altoona Curve Stadium
  3. Find sponsors, raise money, and donate!

Click here to register and/or donate today!

AUCP Continues to grow

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UCP Connections to Independence has made the tough decision to no longer provide Service Coordination services to the central part of the state. They have given AUCP the opportunity to merge this portion of their agency services with ours, allowing AUCP to employ their staff and continue participant services. It is with great pride that we will be onboarding 10 of their former service coordinators and about 350 of their former participants.

We are extremely grateful for this opportunity to grow our agency and we look forward to offering our quality services to more participants throughout the state. Current AUCP participants should not expect any changes in their services due to the growth of our agency.

AUCP AmeriHealth Training


Our AUCP AmeriHealth team participated in a two-day training at AmeriHealth Caritas Pittsburgh Headquarters earlier this week. The team was provided with intensive training and had the opportunity to do team building with AmeriHealth Caritas and other contracted Service Coordination entity staff. The broad training refreshed our team’s memory on many of the processes set in place as well as exploring new areas to better equip them in providing quality care and services to our participants who have AmeriHealth Caritas as their MCO provider under Community Health Choices.


Pictured from left to right: Hollie Orris, Nursing Home Coordinator; Kay Freedman, Service Coordinator; Linda Freidhoff, SC Supervisor; and Lauren Pennewill Service Coordinator.