Staff Highlight – Ryann Love


For April’s staff highlight, we have Ryann Love who is part of our AmeriHealth team serving Northumberland, Union, Snyder, and Juniata counties. She will be celebrating her 1 year anniversary with AUCP soon. Ryann attended Keystone College and Marywood University.

Ryann lives with her husband of 2 years (pictured) and their two guinea pigs, Han Solo and Chewbacca. She says they’re her pride and joy. Some of her favorite interests are learning about animals, going to the gym, and relaxing. She also loves to travel, her favorite place that she’s been to so far is the Bahamas.

Her biggest goal in life is to make a difference in other lives. It is rewarding when she feels like she is making a positive impact in someone’s life.  If she did not work at AUCP, her inner child would have her working in a veterinarian’s office since she has always loved animals.

The thing she likes most about working at AUCP is the supportiveness of the company and her team. She says this is the most supportive company she has ever worked for. The most challenging part of the job for Ryann is having barriers to a participant’s services. You want to do everything possible to help reduce the barriers to give the participant what they need,  but sometimes it takes time, which can be out of the Service Coordinator’s control.

One of Ryann’s supervisors, Linda Freidhoff, only has wonderful things to say about her. “From the start, Ryann was eager to learn as much as possible and took off running.  She is a quick learner… and is not afraid to tackle some tough issues. Team AmeriHealth has benefited from Ryann’s quick understanding of the processes and she has offered to train and assist the team within a very short time of being employed at this agency. Ryann has been a delightful addition to Team AmeriHealth, she brings joy and liveliness to our team!  Ryann has a knack for knowing what to say and has a talent for coming up with some creative ideas to bring unity to Team AmeriHealth.”